Saturday, May 23, 2020

kraft-tex Succulent Plant

I love succulents! A couple years ago, I got together with some girlfriends and we had a succulent planting party, where we each brought our own containers and came home with a variety of little planters ready for shelf life. I was pretty sure I could take care of these plants, since they are low maintenance and don't need to be watered as often as other plants. Let's just say they didn't last too long.

 kraft-tex succulent 1

So I decided to make my own paper succulents, but using kraft-tex! I followed the tutorial at Dream Posy. You can find the complete project and download free templates and SVG files for both the succulent and paper planter box here.

 kraft-tex succulent 4

I used Emerald kraft-tex for the succulent and grey cardstock for the planter. After each layer of the succulent was cut from kraft-tex with scissors, I gently curled the leaves around the tip of my finger. At this point, you could use pastel chalk or paint to color the edges of the leaves, to make them look more realistic.

I used a glue stick to attach the layers together at the center, from largest to smallest. I attached the entire kraft-tex plant on top of the cardboard planter (with packaging tape), which rests at an angle for easy shelf display.

It turned out so cute and I can't wait to add it to my ladder shelf!

kraft-tex succulent 5

kraft-tex Color of the Month 2020

I’m looking forward to sharing more kraft-tex project ideas each month of 2020 as a #krafttexambassador ! Each month I’ll share a different kraft-tex project in the color of the month (hint: think birthstones). Here are my past projects.

April: kraft-tex Pillow Boxes for Gift Wrap
March: kraft-tex Flat Zipper Pouch Tutorial
February: kraft-tex Wallet
January: Wide Zipper Pouch

To shop all of the colors of kraft-tex and get more project ideas, visit and search kraft-tex.

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  1. Super cute!! The colours you used are perfect and I love the shape of the planter.


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