Monday, August 27, 2018

Elliot's First Quilt

Elliot's first quilt

You know those fabric scraps that you keep around because you feel bad throwing them away? Recently, our quilt guild did a scrap swap, and I ended up with all of the extras in my big tote.

This week at church, our kids were learning about upcycling and I remembered the infamous bag of scraps. I explained to the kids that they could make new items out of them. A special guest, the owner of Liz Alig (fair trade fashion) came and talked to the kids about the impact of empowering women in poverty to sew clothing.

The class was intended for older kids, but Elliot (4 1/2 years) was at my side. He picked out a few scraps of truck fabric to take home. And then he kept taking more, and more, and more! He couldn't wait to get all the stringy scraps home and make a "bed" for his doggy and monkey. Most of these scraps were tiny (selvages!), but I did manage to find some decent size pieces.

I trimmed the fabric into squares and rectangles, and helped with the arrangement, but he picked all of the fabrics himself, helped me piece them into a top, and helped with the straight-line quilting.

 Elliot's first quilt

Sewing with kids isn't always glamorous or tantrum-free. But today it was pretty sweet. He loves his new stuffed animal quilt and it fits right in with the monkey shorts and stuffed animal sleeping bags we've made together.

Happy sewing!


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