Friday, April 1, 2016

Pattern Review: Alex + Anna Pajamas in Ann Kelle Knits

Fox Jammies

I started this sewing blog in 2008.

At that time in my life, I owned an adorable Hello Kitty sewing machine. I used it to teach myself the basics of garment sewing, and later moved on to quilting and making bags.

My biggest problem in life was that I felt bored with my desk job, because I'd rather be home sewing and creating. I spent hours reading sewing blogs at work, thinking, "If only I could be home sewing right now..."

Fox Jammies

Today, my office is at home, and I fit in work where I can in between being a mom to a sweet little 2-year-old boy. And although I don't have unlimited time to sew and create, I still find moments to fit in small, instant-gratification projects like these new pajamas I made for Elliot using the new Ann Kelle Urban Zoologie Minis Knits. Look at those sweet fox faces!

Fox Jammies

The pattern I used is from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. I've heard lots of great things about Amy's children's sewing patterns, and I decided my first one to sew would be Alex + Anna Winter PJs. Even though summer is upon us, my son's room gets a little chilly at night, so I thought these would be perfect.

Peek-a-Boo Alex + Anna Winter PJs Pattern Review: They fit him really well! I was worried that the neck hole would be too small, the waist too large, and the legs too long, as is the case with his other 2T outfits. Everything ended up fitting just right. The size range for this kid's pajama pattern goes from 3 months up to 12 years. That's a whole lot of pajamas! I think it's a good value, and a great basic sewing pattern for a knit shirt and pants set. I think they look really comfy on him, and I'm planning to make the pattern again.

Fox Jammies

Sewing with knit fabrics is something I'd like to get more skilled at, so this was a great learning project for me. I enlisted my friend Veronica for help, and managed to get through the pattern without any major issues!

Click here to get the pattern!

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Fox Jammies

Every season of life comes with its own perks and limitations. I will probably never in my life have unlimited hours to sew!

But as long as I have a few hours, I can make a new outfit for my little dude.

And then we can get back to the important stuff of life, like jumping in puddles and racing trains.


  1. Precious. Great value for the pattern too. Hmmm...

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  3. Hey this pijama is looking very cool and i think that i gonna post is on this blog because it looks so awesome! Also please post more content like this!


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