Wednesday, November 12, 2014

OLFA Anniversary Quilt, Craft Fail Book + a Giveaway!

Photo Courtesy of OLFA

I wanted to send you a glimpse of the OLFA 35th Anniversary quilt, which I had the privilege of making a block for.

Andrea, the talented quilter who put it together, blogged about her experience. You can visit her post to see my block and read the funny story I wrote about it with my submission card!

If you recall, I made a block based on my husband's interesting decision to use my rotary cutter for slicing into a frozen pizza. (No pizza cutter? Improvise!)

Well, wouldn't you know it . . .

My husband's devious ways are forever immortalized in a brand new book, CraftFail: When Homemade Goes Horribly Wrong by Heather Mann. And I received my copy in today's mail!

The book is filled with all kinds of examples showing you what happens when crafts don't go as planned. I think we can all relate to this, and I love the idea of a community of crafters willing to own up to their failures just as much as the successes. It's real. Honest. Refreshing!


So, here's to us! All of us. Do you have any craft fails (or those you'd like to blame on your significant other) worth mentioning?

Leave me a comment with your biggest craft fail, and I'll let my hubby pick his favorite. I'll send one winner my extra copy of the CraftFail book!  

Winner will be chosen one week from the date of this post and entries open worldwide!

Congratulations to Ashley!


  1. I've just got the usual fails, sewing layers together that were never meant to be sewn together.

  2. Worst fail so far has been my scrap monkey quilt. The monkey bodies were made out of brown flannel and it's been a while since I worked with flannel. Yeah, didn't baste them down with any adhesive and just sewed them down with a straight stitch. I should have used a zig zag. When I washed it the bodies literally unraveled. Lesson learned, don't make a custom quilt when you have a newborn. Here's the blog post.

  3. I tried to make a lovely snowman cake one year. Heh. Total failure! I ended up "killing" it. :-)

  4. My "creative" mind has never been that great at spelling - and I spelled a rather important word wrong on a painted tile and didn't catch it until after it had been fired! So instead of being part of the wall that tile sits under a plant, pretty picture and all.

  5. Nothing as good as yours but I did once sew my tape measure, which was around my neck, into the seam of a shirt I was making!

  6. Ooooh, yeah. A friend was on the hunt for a stuffed animal version of a cartoon frog her daughter loved, only it didn't exist. So I offered to make one and tried to work out a design. My finished project looked like, as I described it in December of 2012 when this happened, "an alien octopus with measles." I still have it. If you want photos, I have those too!

    1. Actually, you've induced me to blog about it! You can see photos (and I linked to you too).

  7. Hi, oh I'm sure I've done all the "fails"! Lately I'm sewing 'right sides' to 'left sides' !!!!
    Thanks for your Blog+giveaway!

  8. I was making potholders for Christmas gifts yesterday and today. I decided to quilt one in circles - big mistake! The top twisted and the batting and back didn't. I call that one twisted sister. N

  9. No real fails, the worst mistake I made was unpicking the wrong section of cross stitching when I was half asleep. Needless to say, I only craft when I'm awake these days!
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com
    P.S. My dad always threatens to use my rotary cutter as a pizza slicer too, but I don't think he'd actually do it.

  10. I spent probably 20 hours working on a beautiful reproduction counted thread sampler before realizing that I would be stitching off the edge of the linen before I completed it. Heartbreaking!

  11. I made a scrspbook for my sister and got the date of her anniversary and the birth date of her firstborn the wrong way round . I also misspelt one of the page titles

  12. I hand-pieced a lone star quilt with 8 star points. On the last star point I needed 3 diamonds in the same material and only had 2 and no way to get a scrap of that fabric. Hours of cutting diamonds with scissors using a cardboard template and hand stitching hundreds of diamonds together...all for nothing *sigh* Almost as bad as the label I made for a quilt that was donated to a service man where I misspelled my first name and didn't discover the mistake until it was about to be handed to him!!!

  13. Sad when instead of thinking, "Oh, I can't come up with an example", I am thinking, "Which of the many shall I relate?" How about a failure of manners? I have explained to my sister-in-law that I am too busy to make quilts for each of her grandchildren--the list is too long and my personal list has many names on it already. Then when she arrives for a visit, her enthusiastic brother shows her the lovely news quilts I have made for several of our dogs, revealing that their names are far higher on the list than those of her little darlings.

  14. I try to forget about them. I do things backwards, etc. I just gave a baby quilt to a cousin that had blocks out of sequence and the repeat was all wrong. But then I thought, " the baby won't care" and I wrapped it up and gave it to her!

  15. Ha! Who knew such a random thing would lead to so many awesome opportunities! My most recent craft fail would be the dress I made and wore to a wedding. I finished it at the last minute, went to the wedding -- even gave a toast. When I got home I discovered that I forgot to sew part of the back seam near the bottom of the zipper. Went the whole time with a big gaping hole in the butt of the dress. But everyone was drunk and no one said anything, so maybe it went unnoticed?

  16. Lol, I do love this picture and story :o)


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