Monday, February 17, 2014

Chevron Snuggle Blanket and Pet Bed for Generation Q Magazine

I'm going to spend some time over the next couple weeks updating the blog on some magazine projects I've had the privilege to create!

Since there's a new issue of Generation Q out now (featuring my friend Sara on the cover!), I figured it was about time to blog about the previous issue. Hah!

Chevron Snuggle Throw and Pet Bed

Several months ago, I designed a blanket and pet bed using chevron solids from Shannon Fabrics. I had lost the battery charger for my camera at the time, and sadly had to rely on camera phone pics. I then happily shipped the projects off for the Nov/Dec issue of Generation Q Magazine. The pet bed is a free online project!

Chevron Snuggle Throw

I thought it was really fun that my project appeared back to back with my friend Amy's pillow!

Generation Q Magazine Nov/Dec 2013 

I really enjoyed meeting the Gen Q team back at Fall Quilt Market. I had a lot of fun designing this throw for Shannon Fabrics, which are a really high-quality minky. I've written more about my experiences with quilting with minky on the Craftsy quilting blog.


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