Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm a Thistle Farmer

Wednesday of this week, I had the great pleasure to volunteer at Thistle Farms, a local organization where I could put my craftiness to work. And for a great cause!

Photo: Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms is the business arm of a Magdalene, a Nashville, Tennessee residential program for women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction. Through the sale of natural bath and body products, candles, handmade paper and more, the business employs local women who are getting back on their feet.

Each Wednesday and a few other times throughout the week, volunteers are welcome to come and join the mission by crafting it up. There were somewhere around 50 people working together on the day I joined. I felt the love the moment I walked in the doors.

You can see a few pics I snapped of the handmade paper greeting cards, coasters and a couple of the women I volunteered with in the sewing studio. Love them! The teacup chandelier is a stunning centerpiece in the new Thistle Stop Cafe, a coffee house which also employs women from the residential recovery program.

While at the sewing shop, I helped out assembling these really simple coasters, which will also be for sale in the Thistle Stop Cafe and some local business that vend Thistle products. The coasters are folded from 5" fabric squares, and sewn shut with just four stitched lines around the perimeter before they are flipped right side out. Easy!

Photo: Thistle Farms
For a look at more of the beautiful craftiness that is going on at Thistle Farms, check out this Flickr photostream.

I'd been sitting on the fence, wanting to get involved ever since I heard about the wonderful story of Thistle Farms. But after putting it off for weeks, I was completely blessed by this whole experience and the wonderful people I met. For me, the moral of this story is ... volunteer. Even if it is out of your comfort zone, or if you're not sure that your help is even needed. It is!

Looking for Batiks:
If you have any yardage of batik fabrics that you'd like to donate to Thistle Farms and their sewing studio, please let me know. They'd be so happy to receive it!


  1. You're awesome Lindsay!

  2. I only have a little batik, but what little I have, I was getting ready to give away. Are you by chance coming to the MQG meeting (did you even join)?

  3. Looks like an amazing place! Alas, I'm all out of batiks

  4. Everything looks amazing and I LOVE the tea cup chandelier!

  5. Looking forward to volunteering there with you sometime soon! I don't have any batiks, but I have lots of quilting cotton that I could donate!

  6. That is wonderful I've never heard of this place. The cards are just beautiful.


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