Thursday, February 21, 2013

Going to QuiltCon!

Well, the biggest surprise this week is that I'm leaving tomorrow for QuiltCon, a completely last-minute decision that I'm pretty darn happy about!

My reasons for going to QuiltCon:

1) Meeting online quilting friends in person is awesome.

2) The next QuiltCon isn't until 2015. By that time, we'll all drive around in flying cars and make quilts just by thinking them up with our minds (no?).

3) Price drop on my flight, insta-roommate via instagram and a conference ticket via Facebook all appeared like magic!

4) I'm currently self employed and my husband and I do not have kids. I don't want to take for granted the flexibility I have with my schedule, and remember that it won't always be this way. My husband is completely awesome and encouraged me to go!

Here are 5 quick things you may not know about me, for the Modern Quilt Guild link party:
1) Before my sewing blog, I had a Bachelor blog (the TV show), and it's still one of my guilty pleasures.

2) I moved from Indiana to Nashville, TN just three weeks ago (which is one of the reasons I waited so long to decide whether or not I'd take this trip). And, I also love the show Nashville.

3) Words with double "O"s.... hate 'em.

4) I always win the prize at a baby shower, Pampered Chef party, etc. It's like clockwork!

5) For the last seven years, I worked as an editor for Frommer's travel guides, until Google bought us. I still love Google (despite #3, above).

If you are also going to be at QuiltCon, I hope to see you there! If you can't make it this year, you should check out the awesome #quiltnon and #notgoingtoquiltcon parties happening on instagram. Quilters consoling quilters. :)


  1. I don't like mushrOOms but I'm not going to QuiltCon :) If I were I could tell you that in person and then we'd have #3 in common :)

    1. Samantha, I know right? The long list of words with double O's is really the worst. I think I've found my vowel-mate. :)

  2. Have fun Lindsay! Awesome that you got to go last minute.

  3. Luckylucky girl! I'm so happy for you that the stars aligned for you to go to Quiltcon at the last minute, and thanks for the note that the next one isn't until 2015, cuz I had no idea :). Love your 5 things, especially #5. Good thing quilts don't have OO's!

  4. Have a blast and take tons of pictures!

  5. Haha, a Bachelor blog? Is it still live, floating out there on the internet? My dad just made me watch the most recent episode with him. He loves it.

    Have fun at QuiltCon! You deserve it after the move.


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