Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Coats & Clark Blogging and Social Media Panel

Yesterday, I took part in a blogging and social media panel with some other members of the Indy Modern Quilt Guild. We were invited by Lynn of Coats & Clark, who was visiting Indianapolis to exhibit at the AAFCS conference. 

Tisha and Lynn at the Coats & Clark booth
The attendees were mostly teachers looking for ways to connect their students with new resources in sewing education (home economics, 4-H groups, etc.). We got the chance to share about our blogs and businesses, as well as promote our guild's upcoming First Friday quilt show on August 3. There were lots of questions about Pinterest, blog sponsorships, networking, and the best place to find free tutorials. 

Panel time with me, Katie, Heather, Tisha and Katie

Toward the end of our talk, I was taken aback when one of the women in the back of the room stood up and thanked our group for being such an inspiration! It was really heartwarming, and affirming to me that when you do what you love, whether that is quilting or running marathons or fixing computers, you will touch someone's life simply by pursuing your passion.

After the session, Lynn spoiled us with some goodies, including this pack of Dual Duty XP Thread (which is amazing and such a joy to sew with) and a tin celebrating Coats & Clark's 200th anniversary.

Thank you Lynn for having us out to speak, and if you are visiting from the conference, it was such a joy to meet you. For anyone looking for a good sewing resource for kids, head to CraftFoxes this week and enter to win the book "Sewing School: 21 Projects Kids Will Love to Make."


  1. I will definitely check out that book since I'm teaching my grandson to sew. Thanks!

  2. I know you had a great time....exciting! Thanks for sharing the giveaway I went and entered. Fingers crossed because my daughter would love it. :)


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