Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pleated Sheets Ring Pillow

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm guest blogging today over at Coats and Clark! I've created a tutorial for this Pleated Sheets Ring Pillow, which is a timely project considering all of the weddings I get invited to over the summer.

Pleated Sheets Ring Pillow (for Coats + Clark)

Yep, that's my ring on there. Funny story. I was at the cupcake shop the other day (yes, I have an amazing obsession with pretty cupcakes), and as I handed over my card to pay, the lady said, "What a pretty engagement ring. Congratulations!" I thought it was funny since I have been married for almost 6 years but I don't wear a wedding band (just too bulky for my taste), just this. So I politely nodded and pretended I was happily engaged. :) At the time, it just seemed easier than explaining.

This ring pillow is made from vintage sheets, and has the same design elements as the Pleated Boxes Pillow (free pattern). I love this pattern, because you could easily customize to use designer fabrics for a patchwork ring pillow in your wedding colors. I used Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP Thread, which is strong and silky, and just perfect for the piecing and topstitching on this pillow.

  Pleated Sheets Ring Pillow (for Coats + Clark)

I hope you enjoy this project, and you can head over to Coats & Clark for the tutorial.


  1. this is absolutely darling!! we didn't have any small children at our wedding (we aren't haters, just didn't know any!) so there was no ring bearer. well....the best man had them in his pocket, lol. and when the priest asked if he had the rings, instead of saying yes, he accidentally said "I do". very loudly! it was so funny, the whole congregation was laughing.

  2. that is just so pretty! and perfect for a spring wedding.


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