Monday, March 19, 2012

Mmmmm... Swap!

The perfect stack of solids

Do you know Terri of Sew Fantastic? I have been following Terri's blog and recently found her on Instagram, so my heart has been all aflutter since I saw her working with a stack of fabrics that looked just like my For the Love of Solids inspiration mosaic.

When I saw her adorable little spools, I secretly hoped that she was my secret swap partner. Woohoo, today's mail arrived, and I realized my suspicions were right!

Check.... this.... out!

FTLOS received!

I am in love with my new sewing machine cover! Even though I forgot to give her my sewing machine measurements (oops, sorry Terri!), she was so sweet and went to her local fabric shop to measure a machine like mine. The machine cover has two looks in one, and doubles as a cute mini quilt/wall hanging!

My new sewing machine cover/mini quilt!

Ta da! Just look at the second side. I am in love with these chevrons. :) But for now, it's gotta be spools side out. They are just too adorable! I'm in love with the little details, like the quilting and thread on the spools.

Oh my gosh, I LOVE it!

Terri spoiled me with these fun extras, including some fabric solids, pearl cotton thread and cute tape!

Swappy extras!

Thank you Terri for the generous bounty of swappy goods! You are awesome and so talented, and I am honored to give this quilted machine cover a new home. :)


  1. Oooohhh lucky! That really is cute! Love the fabric and perle cotton too. What a bonanza day for you ;-)

  2. Very nice swap package! That tape is awesome, and isn't it nice to get something that's really based off your mosaic? Lucky girl :)

  3. Wow looks great!! And goodies! Can't go wrong there =D

  4. I saw that on flickr, it is SO SO cute!! What a lucky day!

  5. Lucky you, Lindsay! This is flipping awesome!

  6. That cover is awesome, Lindsay! Glad you had such a great swap!


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