Monday, February 13, 2012

A Furry Weekend + Winner

I'd like to say I got some sewing done this weekend, but I didn't. Instead, we adopted this little girl. Meet Chloe!

Our new cat, Chloe

Apparently I have a cat "type" because she looks like a smaller version of our little guy Murph. :)


Does anyone have tips on introducing a new cat to your current pets? It's been a little hissy, although we kept her in a spare room for a bit.

Also, THANK YOU for all of the support and encouragement for my new sewing pattern! This has been an exciting week and I truly appreciate every one of your comments. :) I've added a little button to my sidebar so you can access all of my free and for-purchase patterns when they release.


The winner of the free "Glass Half Full" pattern is...

#12 Kelly @ Jeliquilts!

Kelly has some very cute flying paper-piecing projects on her blog right now, so head over and check them out. :)

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  1. you did it!! she's a cutie :) we've always tried to keep the new cat separate for a day or so, then they all hissed at each other for a while, and soon enough everything was fine.

  2. I have a cat type's the same as yours! I introduced our new tabby by leaving her in a spare room with everything she needed. Then I moved her to another room to let my big cat go in & explore. They didn't meet face to face for a week & a half. I introduced them at their food bowls..the kitten ate, the big one sniffed her. It was adorable. Then the kitten stopped eating, tried to jump on the big one's back & she's been chasing him around ever since! It has seriously been 6 years now & they do not get along (she just wants to play...). Everyone kept saying it would happen eventually. Those same people are surprised when they come over & hear a horrible hissing/crying sound. Oh, that? That's the sound big cat makes when kitten is chasing him! I so wanted them to be cuddling best friends but it is just not gonna happen. The closest we get is that sometimes my big cat will be sleeping in our bed & the kitten will come up for a nap too. They will sleepily look at each other & all is fine. Then kitten decides nap time is over & he gets a rude awakening. I really, really...really hope yours end up loving each other! Sorry for the long response... Chloe is adorable!!

  3. What a beauty! No advice, we don't have any pets. I hope they are bff in no time!

  4. Congrats on the newest family member and your new pattern shop!

  5. Thanks so much, I am so excited to have won the pattern!!

  6. CONGRATS on the newest member of your family, Lindsay! We recently added a lovely little kittie, Thelma (I know, terrible name, but our neighbor named her and then decided not to take her, poor baby!) and we had an elderly cat, Ms. Mindy, who will most likely not be with us much longer, and Dutch, who is almost Mindy's age but more energetic. What happened here is that Mindy hates Thelma, has been hissing from the get go, but now she will occasionally sniff and kiss noses...very slow progress, if any. Dutch, on the other hand, warmed up slowly but now he and Thelma are inseparable! He teaches her how to do everything, and she immitates his every move - if he is sitting one way, she is next to him in the same pose. We had no idea Dutch was longing for a companion but we are thrilled now - he is SO happy! I will be stopping in to see how Chloe does! She is a little cutey!

  7. Aw! She is adorable! It's funny because my new kitty, Cleo, is a siamese-mix and has very similar markings to your kitty (although Cleo's are less pronounced because she has siamese coloring). Since Cleo doesn't get along well with other cats, we are going to be a one kitty household, but from other experience with cats i think keeping the new cat in a separate room and limiting the amount of kitty interaction time at first might be a good way to go. Cats are very territorial so I think it's just important to make sure your new cat feels like they have their own safe space (with their smell) and that your other kitty isn't too overwhelmed by suddenly having his territory encroached on. I think it's always a delicate balance unless they just happen to get on with each other! Good luck!

  8. We are SO happy that you are two cat people. Sorry, but we don't have much advice on the "introducing cats" front. We had Max & Olive meet when they were both small enough that they get along great. We wish you the best in this time of transition!



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