Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Sewing + Goals for Next Year

I was reading Jessica's blog the other day and Faith's blog tonight, and felt inspired to look back at my year in sewing. I didn't always get to spend as much time creating as I would have liked, but wow, I am really happy to look back and see the projects all together. Did I make all that?

2011 Wearables

Thanks to your encouragement, I started a huge fabric earrings project, which is going to be a great ongoing fundraiser as we continue to work toward adopting. One thing I love about the online sewing community is the chance to grow and learn from each other, whether that is through tutorials, sew-alongs or following all of your lovely blogs. :) Some of the highlights of my year in sewing were:
  1. Sewing the Jamie Dress during the Sew-Along at Sew Sweetness.
  2. Being a part of the 12 Gifts of Christmas Blog Hop and the 12 Days of Christmas Sampler Quilt-Along.
  3. Joining the 4x5 Modern Bee.
  4. Making my Bottled Rainbows Quilt with Stitched in Color.
  5. Participating in two rounds of the Goodie Bag Swap on Flickr.
  6. Joining the Billboard Quilt-Along hosted by Oh, Fransson.
  7. Hosting Craft Book Month
  8. Taking part in two fabric challenges with the Indy Modern Quilt Guild. You ladies rock!
2011 Quilts + Home Sewing

I was also thankful to see some of my projects in print and continue to work with my friend Mary on our shared blog Craft Buds, a site we launched in March. In fact, we were able to share our tutorials and handmade business tips with readers in 176 countries. I'm blown away by the reach of the Internet and the lightning speed at which I can make something in my craft room and share it with someone across the globe.

In 2012, I'm excited to . . .
  1. Write my first quilt pattern. In fact, this should be coming soon!
  2. Be a featured seller on Heartsy on 1/16.
  3. Host a sewing retreat for my quilt guild in March.
  4. Sew myself a couple shirts from my newly acquired Make it Perfect patterns.
  5. Make friends with my free-motion foot.
  6. Meet up with inspiring sewists (maybe you?) at Quilt Market and Sewing Summit.
  7. Create lovely quilts with the Mod Stitches Bee.
  8. Avoid last year's sewing-related injuries.

Jessica invites you to link up your year-in-review posts. It doesn't matter if you've sewn two things or cranked out two hundred projects this year. We are all in this to learn and share what we love.

Sew Mama Sew invites you to link up your sewing industry reflections & predictions.

And we're having a link party for all types of goals (crafting and personal) over at Craft Buds. Join us!

Have you made some sewing or blogging goals for the new year?  I'd love to hear the ONE thing you are most looking forward to, whether it's an event, acquiring a new skill or finishing some works in progress.


  1. Looks like a wonderful year in stitching!! I am so glad I have your blog to follow!! Happy New Year!!

  2. when you put it all together it sure looks like a LOT. I can't wait to see you rock the 2012 goals.

  3. I am determined to learn to knit socks this year. I am also regularly inspired by your blog. :)

  4. Wow, look at all the stuff you made! And those are some awesome (and achievable!) goals for 2012!

  5. What a great year and the next sounds like fun too! I have some scraps in an envelope for you and will mail out when I have an address. :) My husband's cousin and her husband have started their adoption journey also. I look forward to seeing both of your families grow.

  6. Linsay, looks like you had a great year with super projects. Wish I had learned to love to sew maybe someday. I'm always amazed at the talents of people who sew. I linked up to craft buds but kinda felt strange since I mostly cook. My crafty things usually get on The Mother Huddle :)thanks for the invite though, Happy New Year!

  7. what a great year! i was pleasantly surprised when i looked back at all of my stuff. i made lots :) i'm travelling to sewing summit with my cousin this year and can't wait! also, there's lots of stuff i want to do, as always... finish up quite a few things i have in the works, for starters.

  8. Such beautiful makes, Lindsay!! I really hope this is the year of the quilt for me! I have two that need finishing and so many ideas for this year!

    Happy New Year to you!!!

  9. thanks for linking to me, I hope to get my post up tonight! Love your collages. You made a few really great quilts, I especially LOVE your Exodus quilt. (Also love your bundle down there. Can't wait to see who actually wins!)

  10. Wonderful look back at your creative and productive year! I love seeing the variety of fabulous things you made. I am most looking forward to my photography class next year, but lots of other creative learning too. Happy New Year to you! Can't wait to see more great things from you in 2012.

  11. I love seeing what others have completed during the year and also what they plan to focus on for the upcoming year. While I plan to continue to make lots of things for others, I also want to focus on sewing some things for myself and for our home. I don't always leave enough time for me and I think it's important to treat and nuture our selves, too.

  12. Your Jaime dress is amazing! After seeing it on Flickr I added it my list of sewing goals for 2012.

  13. Wow, great mosaic! Beautiful colors.


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