Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sew a Holiday Ornament Swap

If you read my last post about the handmade ornament swap, I've decided to go ahead and organize one. Yeay! Sign ups are now closed and partners have been assigned.  

Swappers: Please leave a comment on this post when you have both "sent" and "received" so I can update the master list. Thanks!

  • Lindsay makes for Kelly  - Sent / Received
  • Kelly makes for Toni  - Sent / Received
  • Toni makes for Lindsay - Sent / Received
  • Katie makes for Allegory  - Sent / Received
  • Allegory makes for Katie  - Sent / Received
  • Jenelle makes for Gina   - Sent / Received
  • Gina makes for Jenelle  - Sent / Received
  • Anne makes for Anita - Sent / Received
  • Anita makes for Anne  - Sent / Received
  • Stephanie makes for Kelsey - Sent / Received
  • Kelsey makes for Stephanie  - Sent
  • Olivia makes for Katie  - Sent / Received
  • Katie makes for Olivia  - Sent / Received
  • Lizette makes for Ellyn  - Sent / Received
  • Ellyn makes for Lizette  - Sent / Received
There's even an option to swap a simple ornament or a more fancy one, so you can be paired with someone in your same category. How easy is that?

Handmade Ornament Inspiration

For instance, I'd call most of these ornaments above "simple" (maybe with the exception of the top left), although I haven't timed them. So let's say ornaments that take 30 minutes or less. And I'd call these ornaments below a little more elaborate (could feasibly take 1 to 2 hours, with some stitching of tiny details involved).

If you're not sure which category to choose, just go with your gut. No need to stress about this swap, which should be carefree and simple!
12 Days of Christmas Sampler Quilt: Block 1
12 Days of Christmas Sampler Quilt Along: My version of block #1

Happy weekend sewing!


  1. My favourite are the christmassy owls! so sweeet! x

  2. Love your block. I really should try that one.
    And I'm super excited about the ornament swap!

  3. I mailed the handmade ornament to my swap partner yesterday afternoon. Thank you for organizing the swap, Lindsay.

  4. Dropped mine off at the post office this morning!

  5. My ornament to Ellyn has been sent! :)

  6. I received my awesome ornament package from Gina! I also sent my ornament today. :)

  7. Sent mine out today. Hopefully it was under the 13 ounce rule... I didn't have time to wait for the 35 other people ahead of me to ship their packages.

  8. sent and received my ornament today! Thanks to Lizette for TWO adorable ornaments & to Lindsay for running this fun swap!

  9. I sent my ornament yesterday, 12/6. I hope it arrives safe and sound. =)

  10. I received my ornament from Jenelle on Monday evening. So precious!

  11. My ornament to Katie has been sent!

  12. I sent my to Olivia today! I can't wait for her to get it and to see what she made for me. :)

  13. Ornament from Ellyn was received! :)

  14. I received my ornaments from Olivia! Photo of them is on my blog.

  15. I ahve sent and have recieved. Thanks so much for hosting!

  16. I got a my Ornament from Katie! photos soon on my blog

  17. I received my super wonderful ornament today! Thank you so much Katie!

  18. I received my cute ornament from Ann today! I will have to blog about it soon! Thank you!

  19. Oh, they're all darling - every one of them. Thanks for sharing all the pretty photos.


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