Sunday, August 7, 2011

Quilt Top Finished: Habitat Challenge

I finished my quilt top for the Jay McCarroll Habitat challenge hosted by The Modern Quilt Guild. I received ten fat eighths of the Jewel Tones colorway (I know, lucky me!) and decided to pair them with a midnight blue and a couple other solids from my stash, which are the raspberry and purple Kona solids you see here.


While I was brainstorming ideas, my husband suggested, "Why don't you make an equalizer quilt?" So I set off to Google Images for some inspiration. And I liked it! Using the stacked coins idea for the base with a more random piecing for the top, I set off to create a pattern from my Habitat blocks. In retrospect, my husband and I both agreed that an equalizer quilt with only solids would be really striking. But I was given a challenge to make something with these fabrics, so I wanted to make it work.


Since I'm not really into drawing sketches of my layouts, I sewed all the Habitat blocks to a thin strip of the midnight blue and ironed with the seams open. Then I arranged them on the floor and snapped photos of different layouts. A couple days later, I reviewed the photos with fresh eyes and started sewing columns together with my favorite photo as my pattern.


When I got to the top, I cut random lengths of midnight blue and arranged the blocks with no real thought or planning. Very freeing! I like the random look of the bars in the top of the quilt, paired with conformity of straight lines and blocks in the base of the quilt. I think it shows a lot of movement, like sound.


Compared to the last quilt I finished, this top was super quick to piece together! The most difficult part was ironing the seams open, but I'm so glad I did. Gave the blocks a very precise look. And I don't often quilt with fabrics in the same collection. It's usually whatever I have with whatever I can find that pairs well! So this was pretty fun, too.

J HabitatWhat have you been working on this weekend? Linking up to Sew Modern Monday and Fabric Tuesday.

p.s. Check out this AMAZING quilt from the Habitat Flickr gallery.


  1. What a brilliant idea! Love it. Your husband is one very smart guy and I'm sure you appreciate his input. Quilt husbands are the best, aren't they?

  2. I love the inspiration for this!

  3. Fabulous! Great interpretation of the inspiration!

  4. Wow, this looks awesome - your husband had an awesome idea!! I think Jay's prints work really well here, wow!

  5. the color choices with the grey are wonderful, and a very innovative idea for a design. i love the way it turned out.

  6. I love that your husband helped throw out ideas for a quilt! It was a great idea, your quilt is awesome. The solids you chose complement it very well!

  7. Oh, loooove this, its gorgeous! Great idea too and the colours and tones work so well.

  8. Such a great idea for a quilt! I also love Kona raspberry, I find myself using it a lot recently

  9. I saw the first image without seeing the equalizer and thought " looks like one of those stereo things!" You must've done well, since you definitely got the idea across! Very pretty indeed :D

  10. Thank you Lindsay! I have been trying tirelessly to come up with a quilt design for our bed that my husband (a musician) doesn't hate. I proposed your equalizer idea and he perked up and said "interesting." That's a green light! Love yours :)

  11. Uber cool and innovative!
    It's perfectly geek-tastic.


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