Sunday, June 19, 2011

Home Stretch: Bottled Rainbows Quilt

Last Bottled Rainbows blocks, done! Knocked out four blocks yesterday, even in the midst of babysitting. (How do you sewing, blogging moms do it?) I did turn on Yo Gabba Gabba, which I only know from watching The Soup. It's hypnotic, and worked like a charm to get little Lucy's attention on the TV and not my glue stick. :)

Cerise, easily my favorite of this round

Cerise block

Turquoise: proved that sewing with voile scraps is not a problem

Turquoise Block

Buttercup, and my first Gen X swap block came in handy. Hello, cute elephants!
Mustard Block

And another orange. I made two blocks of the same color, though not on purpose. I thought the previous block was darker orange until I set out all my blocks. At this point, I say oh well. I'm really happy with the overall look, and this is all the more encouragement to change up the block arrangment...
Orange block

I'm experimenting with other layouts rather than the rainbow-esque color flow, so I think this will work just fine!

Warm and cool layout. I didn't stick to the same solids as Rachel, but here's an attempt to mirror the color flow in the traditional bottled rainbows quilt. The major difference here  is that I put 4 of my favorite blocks in the middle, which are all bold colors, and built out from there.
More "color harmonious" layout

Disco-esque layout. Since spreading out the oranges is a must, I think I'm partial to this layout. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Jess's Scrappy Rainbow Quilt, which I loved. And I kept some of my favorites in the middle, for optimal viewing.
Seemingly random layout

I may or may not sew them together today. Need to get moving on some freelance work, and I wouldn't mind another day to mull over the possibilities.

Did you finish any projects this weekend (or come close)?


  1. So right now they are all like separate little quilts.. I would LOVE to see HOW you sew the m all together and make them into one quilt.. it would be a great learning experience for me.

  2. Yummy blocks! I really love the last layout the best :)

  3. These look fantastic! Your super close to finishing this. Yay!

  4. Wow what an amazing quilt, I just love the use of all the colors.

  5. They look awesome!! I love that Cercise one too!! I really like that disco-esque layout!! Awesome!

  6. Man, I love this quilt. I'm really digging the first layout. That turquoise block with the big diagonal piece really catches the eye! I'm sure however you end up sewing them together it'll look great.

  7. Good job! I love the rainbow blocks along. Dunno if I would have had the patience to do it, though :) I really like the buttercup block!

  8. I like, I like! Your blocks are so neat and well sewn too! I've noticed a couple of those ticker tape types that got a little bunchy. Yours look great!

  9. I like your colors and the placement of fabrics on each block. I have seen people use a variety of ways to fill that space. It's part of being individual but that said, I like yours.

  10. oooo I really like the first quilt layout. it has a great, cohesive feel to it. and really accentuates the rainbow!

  11. Congrats on finishing your blocks!I love your first idea for setting the blocks together. I just finished getting mine basted and ready for quilting. Not sure yet how I am going to quilt it. Such a fun project.

  12. I LOVE those blocks! Can't wait to see how you put them altogether! :)


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