Friday, June 17, 2011

Gen X Quilters Feature Friday and fun with fabric

Here's a bee block I whipped up for Tisha for the IMQG bee, in her favorite fabrics. Tisha, I hope you like it and get a good variety of blocks back in the mail!

Tisha's block, IMQG bee

I also wanted to say a big thanks to AnneMarie for featuring me today as part of Gen X Quilters Follower Friday!
I love reading AnneMarie's blog, not only because she lives in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio, but because she is a great quilter and an avid fabric lover. In fact, she's been hosting some fun fabric swaps recently, like the Japanese Imports charm square swap. I was so happy to receive this in my mailbox after returning home from vacation!

Japanese import charm swap received

I plan to use these to make bags, pouches and maybe some other little projects over time. I've also joined the new Spoonflower fabric swap at Gen X Quilters, which is going to be so much fun. Buy one yard of fabric, cut it up, and get lots of fun novelty prints in return. What a great idea. :)

And thanks AnneMarie for the shout out!


  1. such a pretty block, and congrats on the feature!

  2. It was fun reading about you over at GenX. Happy we are in the Spoonflower swap together. I love what people are choosing!

  3. Very pretty block, the colors are great. Those charm swaps sound so fun! Probably I would hoard all of the charms and be very hesitant to make anything with them b/c I would be so happy just looking at them, ha. I had some unique KOKKA fabric, less than a yard of it, and it took me two years to use it in a project.. eeep!


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