Tuesday, May 10, 2011

W.i.P. Wednesday and some secret sewing

I have been sewing lately, but I've decided to keep a few projects under wraps! So for W.i.P. Wednesday, here are bits and pieces of what I've been working on.

Fabric Buttons
Denyse Schmidt Fabric covered buttons, in two sizes. Very fun and easy to make with the Dritz button cover kit!

Goodie Bag Swap
Thanks Lindsay for letting me go shopping in your stash and hooking me up with this awesome Wonderland twill fabric. I'm all finished with my project for the goodie bag swap, but have decided to wait to post the project photos. (Don't want to spoil the surprise for my partner!) There may be a tutorial, too. So stayed tuned!

Sewing Machine Cover
This weekend I made a quilted, reversible sewing machine cover, but want to keep it hush hush for a bit. So here's a sneak peek! So happy with how this came out. :)

The Craft Room
Tonight I got inspired to do some reorganizing in my sewing room, and here's what happened. Nothing fancy, but it's so nice to have everything out of the bags I purchased it in, and in some kind of order! There's also a closet full of drawers for supplies I don't need out in the open.

Must get better sewing chair...

I also have a pseudo staging area for quilts in another room.

 IMQG Bee blocks rolling in...

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  1. Oh my gosh, I SO hope I'm your partner for the Goody Bag swap, I love what you're sneak peeking!! :) Your Bottled Rainbows blocks are looking fabulous, too!

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I can't wait to see all the secret projects!! :)

  3. You have so much on the go! It all looks awesome! I hardly had any free sewing time this week... :(

  4. Love those IMQG blocks that are rolling in. What pattern is that? I think I have seen it before but can't remember now where. Can't wait to see some of your other projects finished.

  5. Those covered buttons are adorable! I'll have to look into that button covering kit. And the sewing machine cover is fabulous! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  6. You have been very busy. I can't understand why people will say they are bored when there is so much they could be doing. Yes, I think you need a better sewing chair, that one looks like it would be hard on your back. I love all the fabric buttons, I am tempted to get a button maker just for the fun of it. I like your goodie bag.

  7. Your fabric choices are so beautiful. It makes me happy just looking at them. High fives on organizing your craft room. I totally understand about your sewing machine set up and the need for a better chair. For a while, I took over my parent's dining room, but they had it up to here with my mess. Currently I've been crafting on my bedroom floor with my sewing machine perched atop an overturned laundry basket. Anyways! Your buttons look great. Did you interface them beforehand? If so, what did you use?

  8. I love the sneek peaks!I also have been cleaning and organizing my sewing area...yes a new sewing chair could be in order.

  9. Wow! You've got a whole lot of creativity going on. Love the fabric buttons!

  10. I really like your Bee blocks!


  11. Oh, your buttons are so pretty, I love them. And I'm dying to see your machine cover, that sneak peek is just too enticing!

  12. I am working on your blocks this Friday. The Mother's Day quilts completely consumed my time. I want those blocks to you before I leave for vaca, maybe even my FQs as well.

    Loving the sneak peeks.

  13. Those buttons are so pretty! And the sneak peaks make me want to see more...


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