Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vintage sheets and a gathered clutch

Today was the sew-in with the Indy Modern Quilt Guild. I organized a vintage sheet fat quarter swap, and I'm pretty happy with my haul! I think the brown tones will end up in a project together, and the bright yellows and blues in another project, probably mixed with some solids (maybe aqua).

Vintage sheet FQ swap

I also tried my hand at the Noodlehead Gathered Clutch today. I think it turned out really cute, but for some reason, I wasn't following the tutorial very well. I ripped out a couple rows of stitches when putting in the zipper.

But here she is! I used a Michael Miller Love Birds print, which I kinda love.

Noodlehead Ruffle Clutch

Inside is another Michael Miller print. For the front band, I used Echino.

Noodlehead Ruffle Clutch, inside

The best tutorial I've found for sewing any kind of lined bag, with or without a zipper, is from the book Pretty Little Purses and Pouches. I refer to it over and over again when I can't seem to remember which layer goes which way.

How's your weekend go(sew)ing so far?

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  1. Love the clutch - I've yet to try my hand at that one!

  2. Loving those little birds! So cute!

  3. Really cute! The fabric choices just make that little clutch even more wonderful.

  4. What a great vintage sheet collection! A bit jealous here! ;)

  5. Cute! I have to concentrate when I am putting in the zip to make sure the layers are right...when I first started making pouches it seemed *so* confusing! lol
    Congrats on adding some Nicey Jane to your stash from Gen X...I was really hoping for a win there, but was happy that someone I 'knew' won it if it couldn't be me :)

  6. Love the pouch and I want to try some myself so thanks for the book reference.
    BTW, congrats on the win at Gen X Quilters!

  7. When I was just commenting on your giveaway I noticed that your header photo changes with each reload -- that is so cool!!!

  8. I love that clutch, and one can never have enough vintage sheets!

  9. I'm loving all of those vintage sheets. Nice haul, indeed!


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