Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sewing handmade gifts and Pinterest

I had fun stitching up some gifts today for my #2 and #3 names in the giveaway day drawing! I made another gathered clutch (Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt fabrics)...
Gathered clutch

Gathered clutch, open

And a fun checkbook cover (Ruby Star Rising and Michael Miller fabrics).

Ruby Star Rising checkbook cover

checkbook cover, inside

In other news, I've joined Pinterest. All the cool kids were doing it, and I have to say, I do think it adds something to the craft bloggy experience experience. What I really like is how easy it is to scroll through other people's "pinned items" (pretty photos), and quickly comment or "like" them without switching screens.

The other main aspect of Pinterest is the ability to pin your favorite items to boards so you can go back and scroll through them later for inspiration, recipes, redecorating ideas, etc. I typically use Google Reader for this, because I subscribe to a ton of blogs and then I star then ones with projects I'd like to try. But Pinterest could change that, since now I can see them all neatly on one page without having to scroll, scroll, scroll.

I've typically searched Flickr or Google images for inspiration when I want to make something specific, like a vintage sheets quilt. Now, thanks to Pinterest, there's one more place to go for that sort of thing. The only other site I've tried like this is Wists, but the search function there doesn't work nearly as well, and it's slower to load.

Pinterest is fast to load, easy to start using and pretty to look at. You have to be invited to join, but if you're like me, you can just head to the site, sign up for an invite, wait a couple days and you should be good to go.

I don't have a lot of "pins" yet, but if anyone wants to follow me, here's my Pinterest profile. Are you Pinterested yet?

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  1. I LOVE pinterest, I have a board where I pin all the tutes and patterns I want to try, one for inspiration and lots more, it's great. Will go follow you now :-) plus, your little gifts are fab!

  2. I LOVE Pinterest too. :) It is so much fun and a little addicting!

  3. Great prizes. I've made that clutch pattern recently too. It's cute! =)

    Have a great day!

  4. Love that clutch, the fabric is fantastic! I'm on pinterest and to be honest, I keep forgetting about it! whoops!

  5. I just love that gathered clutch...yours looks great, I really must make one, one day. And your RSR cover...SO COOL! I just got on Pinterest too, I do like it for saving things I want to make, where previously I just bookmarked them.

  6. Great projects! I'll have to look into pinterest, sounds like it would be a great place to mark things I want to try in the future, thanks for the info!

  7. These look great Lindsay! I especially like that RSR check book cover. Yum! Thanks for linking to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a wonderful week!


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