Wednesday, March 16, 2011

D.C. ya later, and some fabric giveaways

This is my last morning in D.C., and I had a great trip! Thanks Jennie for suggesting a visit to Old Town Alexandria, a historic area with more than one specialty cupcake shop, brick streets and a trolley. Those are more than enough reasons for me to say that was my favorite jaunt on this trip.

Because I can't sew on vacation, I've used my free time in the mornings to enter some craft and fabric giveaways. In case you haven't checked out Craft Buds, my new "other" blog, we've got 15 giveaways linked up there for this week, where you can enter to win Sherbet Pips, some solids, fabric scraps and more.

Check it out and always feel free to link up your own! We're creating a weekly haven for crafting supplies and handmade giveaways. Enter some giveaways!

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