Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Did I get I lucky, or what? Here to report on my crafty winnings

Remember how I won all that stuff from Etsy while I was vacationing in Vegas? I felt like one lucky lady! Over the past few weeks, I've had fun collecting my goodies and wanted to let you know about some of my favorites.

Left Beach Fotos
Nicole of Left Beach Fotos specializes in personalized beach writing photography. It was a major "Why didn't I think of that?" moment when I saw their product. Except I don't live on the beach.

I really think this idea is just so brilliant, and the 5x7 print I ordered turned out awesome. When my husband saw it, he noticed that there weren't any footprints in the sand, which made the image look even cooler, like the words magically appeared!

The Pink Pig & Wren Bags
I also won some goodies from The Pink Pig, which specializes in old-looking new stuff! From clothing to jewelry and housewares, there's a little bit of everything here.

With my Pink Pig gift certificate, I picked out two coffee clutches, which are little wallets upcycled from coffee sacks. Each one has a matching notebook and pencil, and they are available online at Wren Bags on Etsy! So cute, and I'll be donating one to a local silent auction this spring.

Green Bag Lady
And that's not all. I also received a Green Bag Lady shopping bag, and I'm sending her some photo love to let her know I received bag number 14483. It's spacious and lightweight, perfect for produce at the grocery or taking some reading material on the go!
Sew Sweetness
And that's not all! (Beginning to feel like a Price is Right announcer.) I won a yard of echino bicycle fabric from Sara over at her blog Sew Sweetness, as well as a purse pattern that I'm pretty excited to own!

Diem Designs
And if that wasn't enough, I won a great little stamped pendant necklace from Sarah at Diem Designs! I asked for the word "Inspire" and I'm also going to donate an item from their shop to the silent auction I help plan each year.

Thanks again to everyone for taking part in this weekend's Sew Fresh Fabrics giveaway. Both winners have been notified, and I hope all of you get to share the thrill of winning something very soon!

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