Thursday, February 10, 2011

Born Crafty: A childhood pop-up card, by me

So my mom called me and said she'd found some of my childhood artwork and writings. Between doodling schnauzers on the church bulletin to writing poems and essays as classroom assignments, I left a trail of creative mementos, like this pop-up card that I made for my mom's birthday!

 Look at everyone who showed up for to wish Cindy a happy birthday. Mickey Mouse, Bobby from Bobby's World, Batman . . .

 Me in 5th grade, Garfield, my first dog (R.I.P.), the Pokey Little Puppy, the Power Rangers . . .

The Olsen Twins! Snoopy . . .

 . . . Ren & Stimpy, Grimmy, and my brother with a Freddy Krueger doll. 

I was constantly crafting and making things as a kid. Was your childhood the same?

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  1. LOVE this!! No surprise that your mom kept such a work of art all these years. Also, you look exactly the same as when you were in 5th grade. :)

  2. I loved making those pop up cards! So much fun. I recently remembered that I used to make books and write stories when I was younger. Wish I had pursued that, but I have started making sketchbooks again.

  3. How fun is this! What a cool thing for your mom to gift them back to you!

    I was always doodling. Got trouble in 1st grade for drawing anatomically correct horses. lol

  4. Well you have been talented for a long time. That card is very creative. I loved writing stories and making things by hand as a kid. I made my first top by hand sewing, a crop top as we called them in the 60's.

    Dee my youngest son who is a preacher now got in trouble for drawing anatomically correct people on a lunch room table. I got called into the Principal's office for that one.

  5. I would really like to see that picture of your brother close-up. I think he is sitting right above the Olson twins.


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