Saturday, January 1, 2011

Quilt Block Swap: Bricks, books and a house

Each month, I sew a different kind of quilt square as part of the Indianapolis Modern Quilt Guild quilt squares swap. At the beginning of the month, I get a packet of fabrics and directions for a specific type of block to make, and then I mail it back to the sender.

My month to send out fabrics and to receive finished blocks from the group is in April. Until then, I get to try to make quilt blocks for the others in a variety of styles.

It's fun, although I sometimes fall behind! Apparently, I'm not the only one who felt busy around the holidays, as the group decided to forgo the month of December and tag that quilter onto the end of the list.

These blocks are about 12.5" square. 

August: Bricks

September: Flying geese (Forgot to snap a photo)

October: Stacked books

November: House 

Question for you quilters: What is your favorite quilt block to sew? Any suggestions for a block type I should choose for "my month" in April? I'm addicted to squares and rectangles, but wouldn't mind branching out as long as the overall look is modern.

Happy new year!

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  1. Sounds like a fun swap:) I love a good wonky log cabin...but I've really been into string-pieced diamonds lately too.

  2. Beautiful! I especially like the stacked books, very cute.

  3. I haven't tried sewing blocks yet, but I think I'll start with something simple - maybe zig zag? Your blocks look great. I love the stacked books pattern.

  4. I am just starting out on my quilting, very excited. My sister and I have joined a class and we are getting all our bits and pieces we are going to need to make our first quilt. So excited. Who knew how hard, wow! Will be back lots to see what you have got going on.

  5. They all turned out great. I had a hard time picking out mine.


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