Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm a winner!

So, I'm vacationing in Vegas right now, and it's fantastic. Saw Phantom, ate great food, won $42.50 on a slot machine--and had the good sense to walk away.

But then I checked my e-mail tonight, and I just won a crafty contest! No way. The Handmade Gift Guide's Holiday Showcase Treasure Hunt just selected my entry as one of two grand prize winners. I'm so excited to receive $125 in Etsy vouchers to the Gift Guide's sponsors!

If you haven't checked out The Handmade Gift Guide, there's always some great stuff going on there. Contests, voting for your Etsy faves, and fresh collections that will get you inspired to shop handmade. The HGG is also on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's to Lady Luck...

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  1. Good for you! Spend up that Etsy money and continue to have so much (wise, apparently!) fun in Vegas.

  2. Wow with all of that going on I think I would buy a lottery ticket too. Are you going to see Bette while you are in L.V.?
    Sue (Suzie Utoozie)

  3. wow!! what an AMAZING giveaway to win! congrats!!


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