Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Craft 2010: Year in Review & Link Up

Can you believe there are only three full days left of 2010? I know I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this year coming to a close. As far as sewing and crafting goes, I'd consider this year a success. Inspired by Kara at Mine for the Making, I've decided to look back over this year and set some crafty goals for 2011.

Craft Swaps
In 2010, I spent so much time sewing for others that I don't think I kept a single crafted item for myself, with the exception of some crafty note cards. There's a lot of joy in sewing for others, though, and taking part in craft swaps (15 total!) kept me inspired to try things I wouldn't normally sew, like this embroidered name pillowcase.

Craft Stalks
This year, I also started following other crafters through Twitter, Facebook and the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day. If you don't subscribe to RSS feeds through a service like Google Reader, this is one of the best ways I like to find inspiration. 

If you're like me, another great reason to subscribe to a blog feed is so you can sign up for fun giveaways and be the first one to know when you win. I recently won this copy of Holiday Cards & More from Paper Crafts by following their blog feed and leaving a comment!

Three Little Tutorials
In 2010, I began submitting original projects to be published in books, magazines and blogs, which is going to be one of my continuing craft goals for 2011. 

The year started out with a bang, when I learned that one of my plush creatures would be featured in the follow-up to One Yard Wonders, a craft book I'd call a favorite on my bookshelf! I cannot wait to receive this book in the mail and see the other 100 projects, inspired by a selection of fabrics

The excitement continued when I submitted some greeting card designs to Paper Crafts Magazine, and they chose to publish one in an upcoming issue (May/June 2011). It wasn't until later that I realized how many tries it typically takes to get a project published. I really lucked out by having my first-ever submission chosen by the editors.

And just a few weeks ago, I had a sewing tutorial featured on Money Saving Mom, a popular blog with tens of thousands of followers. Thanks to my friend Valerie for the tip!

So that was my craft-tastic year! What kinds of things would you like to craft next year that you didn't get around to in 2010? I love reading your comments, and I'll be back tomorrow with some 2011 craft resolutions!

If you have a New Year's Resolutions list to post (or a link to one thing you're hoping to accomplish next year), feel free to "link up" below with the URL. Let's inspire one another to get those lists up and working for us!

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  1. Lindsay you sure had a great year, make it a point in 2011 to keep one of everything you make (I should talk LOL) so you'll have 'em, or at least take lots of pics! (smile)
    I'm planning on a busy 2011 craft-wise myself. Hope to see more tweets from ya on your progress!
    Twitter name: aunt_nette

  2. You really did have a great year Lindsay. I hope 2011 brings even more success!

  3. Holy cow Lindsay. what an awesome year you had! Be super proud of yourself!!! I know I'm proud of your. :)

    Gads, I hate making goals for myself, so I guess I'll just try to stay calm & centered. I know that sounds all lame, but after this holiday season with some sever drama on the extended family homefront, believe me when I say that having my normal back will be very, very welcomed.

  4. Yippee I think I successfully submitted to the link list. :) I love the pillow in the top photo and hope I can find and join some craft swaps next year. Everyone has such fun in them and I think I would too.

  5. I really like the goals you have set yourself. Participating more in the online craft community is something I want to do to.

    PS: thanks so much for including me in your blog list! Best of luck for 2011

  6. Looks like you had a fantastic year! Just found your site & I'm glad I did. It's great! Have Happy New Year!

  7. I'm curious to know about the craft swaps you've been taking part in! Can you tell me more?


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