Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spell My Name: Anderson Craft Swap

The idea was to spell your partner's name with crafted items, craft supplies or fun extras. Still waiting on 4 swappers, but here's what the first group came up with! Great job everyone. I'd love to post pics of the rest of your swaps if you can send them to me!

Lindsay for Sara:
Sprees and sour gummy worms
Assorted teas and blank cards
Recipes for Life Journal

Sally for Kayla
Keep your thoughts (journal)
Autumn comforts (candle, teas), accessory box
Your littlest favorite thing (bead ring)
Lunch bags/gift bags
Assorted/African notecards
Kayla for Sally
Stay in touch note cards
Animals Giraffe banner for her classroom
Long necklace
Yellow garden seeds
Mischon for Mary Joy
Moss Terrarium
Accessory (earrings)
Red flower note cards
Yellow Ribbon
June Bug stickers
Orange chocolate
Year to Year birthday banner
Mary for Mischon
Mini business cards/tags for Etsy store
Indigo fat quarter
Strawberry licorice
Handlebar bag for bicycle
Ochre fat quarter
Nature inspired earrings
Mischon for Barbara
Ball jar of homemade salsa
Accessory (bracelet)
Ribbon wreath
Breath fresh air freshener
Arm warmers
Red yarn
Animal crackers
Barbara for Mischon
Money holder
Ice cream
House slippers
Rachael for Lindsay
Leaf candles in a basket
Ink pen
Note cards
Drink holders (coasters)
Squares photo frame
Animal crackers
Yellow fabric

Lindsay for Rachael
Reusable shopping bag
Crafted cards
Hot and cold relaxation eye packs
Aqua paper and blank notecards
Embellishments (buttons, floss)
Lunch bag

Merdith for Mary Jo B.
Mmmm.... homemade bread
Recipe in a jar (baking mix for trail mix cookies)
Journal (hand-bound)
O ??
Baked bread


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