Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anderson Craft Swap

A dear friend, Christie, recently introduced me to the concept of craft swapping through the website Craftster. I was pretty much hooked before I even got started.  While waiting for my new-member period (30 days) to expire before I could join my first swap, I decided to take matters into my own hands...

Some artsy friends and I (11 of us, total) completed a craft swap on the theme "Everyday Life" (spend about 4 hours of time making a craft that would enhance your craft swap buddy's day-to-day life). We filled out surveys beforehand with likes, dislikes, daily routines, things we'd like to learn or try, etc.

Today (3/21) was swapping day! Wow--I've decided I have some pretty cool friends...

Zippable lips purse (and funky rings!) Bethany made for Moriah. She was pscyhed!

Antiques-collectibles treasure box Moriah made for Christie! I delivered this to her on Monday at lunch, since she wasn't able to make it to the swap Sunday. :)

Carry-all bag and colorful felt letters Christie made for Mary (and son Caleb, so he can someday learn to spell his name). Cute! Also included an Everyday Life mixed CD.

Fabric-covered journal and hot pads Mary made for Mary Jo in her favorite pattern, paisley!

"Dreams-growing" bag Mary Jo made for me (Lindsay)--this is her very first sewing project and I'm honored! Yes, it's true... I have some dreams that need growing!

Purse and songwriting journal I (Lindsay) made for Kayla. Had lots of fun crafting for a fellow music lover!

Random adventures advent calendar Kayla made for Meredith C.--Each window or door has a different adventure written underneath for her to tackle each day... so creative! (Kayla, you did not get to see Meredith open this, but I did--and she was SO EXCITED!! She literally squealed with joy, because she really, really LOVES random adventures.)

Art notecards Meredith C. made for Rachael! She's planning to use them as wall art--I don't think she can stand the thought of parting with them. (Meredith, you didn't get to see Rach open hers either, but as you can see, it was love at first sight.)

Rachel made this little gem for Mischon: It's a fabric envelope with Emily Dickinson poem, nature notecards--AND, a recycled book made into a little purse, which served as the wrapping for it all!

Mischon made this charming wall art for Meredith M. to hang up in her new apartment. :) The leaves and flower buds are made from buttons, and the trunk and grass are hand-embroidered.

Meredith M. made these super cute notecards for Bethany, who is an avid craft swapper! She'll be sure to put these to use...I love the vintage owl print peeking through.

Mischon and Rachael treated us to these adorable sunflower and owl cupcakes (which sadly got smooshed in transport!). They were every bit as delicious as they appear!!

Here is half of the group, with our goods! Let's do it again?
From left to right: Mischon, Kayla, Rachael, Meredith M., Lindsay, and Mary


  1. This is so cool that you were able to introduce craft swapping to your friends!! Looks like you all had a wonderful time, and what great crafty friends you have!!


  2. I know this has nothing to do with sewing, but ... I love those sunflower cupcakes! Using Oreos for the centers: GENIUS!!


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