Monday, June 23, 2008

Sew far...

I'm starting this blog to share pictures of my recent sewing creations. Thanks to my Hello Kitty sewing machine, I've now constructed one wearable dress (from a pattern), a few skirts (modeled after other skirts I own), and some fierce pillows.

After reading online that an 8-year-old should be able to use this machine, I figured it would also work for me. After all, I never had the privilege of partkaing in high school home ec. class. After several very frustrating sessions untying knots in front of my minty machine, I've now mastered the basics of spooling, threading, and stitching.

I've decided that if Tim Gunn saw my creations, he'd call them "home sewn." (Lindsay, I'm concerned.) But I think my first few projects have turned out pretty well. And I've spent very little on the fabric, with each project costing about $3!

Update: I recently upgrade my machine, selling the Hello Kitty one on Amazon (for a profit!). I'm now using the Singer Confidence 7467, and I LOVE it.

1 comment:

  1. Have you upgraded from your Singer Confidence? I'm going to search your blog for "Sewing Machine"... I've upgraded and purchased many machines since I started sewing again!


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